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The business of advertising in Nigeria is constantly evolving. As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria has different layers of advertisers, agencies and allied service providers. The industry in Nigeria is fast-paced. Interestingly, APAAC's region of operation in Nigeria, particularly Abuja, is a zone with more governments agencies than commercial organisations. So the need to, not only coordinate the standardise the practice, but to sensitise government functionaries cannot be over-emphasised. This informed the annual 'Stakehoders Forum', the only one in Nigeria for now! 

The Stakeholders Forum brings together APCON big-wigs, leading advert agencies, government ministers and functionaries, as well as, heads of various marketing communication departments of private companies, government agencies and APAAC members. They all meet to discuss issues relating to

  • practice rules,
  • new regulations,
  • best practices, and 
  • development in Polity

The Stakeholders Forum operates on a workshop basis where participants talk directly to one another in question and answer sessions. The question and answer sessios are preceded by a presentation from APCON Registrar, who generally moderates the entire session. 


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