APAAC is the acronym for Advertising Practitioners Association Abuja Chapter. APAAC is a pressure group set to improve the practice and quality of advertising business by promoting members growth at work places and championing their welfare. APAAC is set to make the North-Central zone of Nigeria the leading advertising industry capital in Nigeria.
APCON is the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria. It is the statutory Council set up by Act 55 1990 to regulate the practice of advertising in Nigeria. APCON is therefore the official government body supervising the business of advertising and sales promotion in Nigeria. It is also involved with accrediting the teaching of advertising at tertiary institutions in Nigeria. APAAC exists because its members have been inducted, as professionals, to practice advertising in Nigeria.
To join APAAC, a person must be a bonafide member of APCON. Eligibility for APAAC membership also requires the individual to be a functioning advertising practitioner, either self-employed or employed by an organisation, whether public or private.
APAAC members are constantly informed on new policies and developments in the advertising industry. Members career development are encouraged and supported with in-house trainings and business referrals.
An intending member must have paid his APCON practice fee, which is presently at N5000, and be willing to pay a monthly due of N500 for a year, that is 12 months, payable at the beginning of every month. However, whenever the need arises, a member will be levied some amount to meet some association need or another member's need.


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Secretariat: Plot 467, Joseph Adetoro Street, behind NULGE Building, Utako District, Abuja.